Help Sculpt your Body

by Freezing Fat Cells


      No downtime, no needles, no surgery


      Target problematic areas


     ✔ Spa technology now available at home!


     Fraction of the cost of expensive treatments

 * Results may vary based on usage, application and person to person.

Fat Freezer Store

Fat Freezer Store

How it works

3 Simple Steps. Better Results can be achieved in conjunction with daily exercises and diet plan.


Fat Freezer Store

Select Treatment Area

Select an area you want to treat, such as your stomach and thighs. LARGE areas like the stomach should be split into sections, treating each section with a 60 minute treatment. Wait 2 hours before treating other areas.


Fat Freezer Store

Apply Device

Apply device to selected area. Follow the instructions in your instructions booklet. You MUST apply a new' glycerin sheet between the skin & machine at every application.


Fat Freezer Store

Massage Treated Area

After each treatment, gently rub the treated area for 3-5 mins, to help break down dead fat cells in the area. 


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Fat Freezer offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product. All you need to do is return the product within advertised returned date of receipt and you will be issued a refund on the full product price.

We strive to delivery all orders as quickly as possible. 

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Breakthrough Patented Technology

How Fat Freezing Works

The Fat freezing technology is a surgery-free alternative to fad diets for those who are struggling to get rid of stubborn excess body fat. 

The basic principle behind Spa Cryolipolysis fat freezing is that cells die when they are frozen. Thus, in order to eliminate unwanted body fat, fat cells are crystalized by exposing them to high temperatures. After they die off, the cells are turned into triglycerides by the body’s white blood cells and eliminated from the body through the natural process of excretion. 

 Although the procedure is usually done in a clinic on an outpatient basis, there are home devices that allow you to perform similar method at home, like slim freezing belts.Of course, you should not expect to see results at once. 

Although this is not a weight loss system, we encourage you to eat right and exercise daily.  

Fat Freezer Store

What's Included?

Fat Freezer Device 

 Adjustable Belt 

 1 Pack: 9 Glycerin Sheets/Protective Pads 

 DIY Diet Plan Booklet 

 Instruction Manual 

Fat Freezer Store

Patented Fat Freezer Body Sculpting Fat Loss System

Fat Freezer Treatment Sheets

Glycerin Sheets are a must have for use withyour Fat Freezer device. 

 Simply place one sheet onto the body surfaceyou are treating to protect your skin during thetreatment.


Results may vary based on usage, application and individual.Testimonials are based on personal experience and we do not take any guarantee for the results as it may vary based on use and application.Better results can be achieved in conjunction with daily exercises and diet plan. 

 * This is not a weight loss device 

 *This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.